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Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023, Puntarenas, Costa Rica was very HOT and humid.  We checked out the local area around the pier.  Handled and thought about several extremely nice handmade leather purses in numerous sizes and colors.  Didn’t purchase anything this trip.  Sniffed wonderful scents of locally produced coffees.  Didn’t purchase any of those either.  Continued our walking tour then end up at the Puntarenas Hotel for lunch.  Stu stretched his culinary experience to a cheeseburger and fries once again.  Maybe next time he’ll be brave.  Michael had chicken fajita plate which was served with rice and small mixed green salad.  No tortillas came with the dish and the deliciously seasoned chicken fajitas was prepared only with sliced onions.  That was different.  I had a cooked chicken breast smothered in salsa blanca also served with rice and salad.  My chicken was flavorful but salsa was bland.  I asked for a pico de gallo which was freshly made to put on top.  That did the trick making the chicken quite delicious.  Food in that area was different than the Mexican flavored foods we are accustomed too.  Chips and salsa are not automatically brought to the table.  We had to order it as a menu item.  We try to have lunch at all the ports we visit to enjoy the local foods.  It’s fun to learn about the foods and people of those countries.  We spent about 3 hours walking the area then went back to ship soaking wet from the heat and humidity.

Stu and Marsha in front of Puntarenas, Costa Rica sign

Friday, April 7th was one of our formal nights.  Below are some pictures that were taken by the ship’s photo department.  We received the proofs on our personal Medallion.Net account.  Interesting fact:  the pictures are sent to our account via facial recognition from our photo that is uploaded to our personal account – neat isn’t it!  Anyway, the pictures have watermarks across them as that is the only way I know at this time how to publish them.  We will receive them by print or we have to purchase the entire group to have printed ourselves which I don’t believe we will do.  So here they are:

The Piazza Atrium where the photos were taken

Stu had a photo similar to Michael’s above that I really love  but I can only find his printed photo and cannot publish at this time.

To keep you to date with our  (well really Michael’s) trivia skills you will be delighted to know that we did win 2 games.  Our prizes were Princess coasters and a Princess bag to use as a beach bag or if your the Mom of this family it’s known as the Mom Bag and filled with bottle of water, cooling scarfs, damp wash cloth, hand sanitizers, etc. to throw on my shoulder for a while then Michael will take over.

That’s all for now.